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Happy Friday! Insomnia & Netflix

Happy Friday! 

What is everyone doing this weekend? Usually I would be running the streets and sipping on a billionaire right now... but unfortunately I'm adulting this weekend! Yes, ADULTING and I hate it. I have some school work that I need to catch up on UGH!!!! as well as some admin stuff for Beauté Brownie.

Are any of you guys still working from home? Is your sleeping pattern off like mines? Just when I think I'm getting my sleep pattern back to normal I throw it off by staying up watching Netflix Series. I have no balance when it comes to a show that I like. 

OK! you got it out of me I was watching  Virgin River. Not even going to get into the details of this season because I don't want to spoil it for you guys BUTTTT I will say it was depressing but GOOD at the same time. They should have just called this season "SAD CREEK" because I just cannot. 

Anyways back to me not sleeping... I need to start taking melatonin gummies or something to get myself back on the right sleeping track. 

I have been addicted to watching these ASMR type YouTube videos that help me to fall asleep when I’m not browsing social media late at night and I’m trying to force myself to finally close my eyes. These videos are so soothing and calming.

I'm going to link one below, thank me later... once you start... you will become addicted. 


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Just Breathe said…
Luv the blog. Keep posting 🙌🏼