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Beautie Brownie Summer Jam Experience!

Summer Jam is the largest hip hop concert so if you don’t know you better ask somebody! This year you missed performances by: Joe Budden, Miguel, Fabolous, Chris Brown, 2Chainz, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang, French Montana and Wale! It was so many heavy hitters in the building we hope we didn’t miss anybody…
Surprise Guests: Mariah Carey, Sean Kingston, Lil Kim , Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled,  Meek Mill, Papoose (Hot 97 didn’t even know he was coming) and Bone Thugs & Harmony.
This was the first time that Gabrielle and I took public transportation to the Met Life stadium and it was such an easy breezy and pleasant ride (we suggest this route; quicker then the car ride)! We were in the midst of all the summer jam-miens and you could feel the excitement. This was the 20th anniversary of Summer Jam so we were expecting a big show with many surprise guests. We started off with the Summer Jam festival which is one of our favorite parts of the day. We ran into Jas fly from the Gossip Game, Puma from Black Ink, Troy Ave and ASAP Ferg.
We couldn’t help but take a picture with ASAP Ferg’s Hype man… We loved the Bo-Bo’s…
ON TO THE BIG STAGE! Here are some of our favorite highlights:

One of the first to perform was Miguel who surprised us by bringing Mariah Carey out to perform their new song together “Beautiful”! We loved the fact that this Diva decided to support the hip hop culture, she definitely get points for that.
We were so excited to see the Queen Bee!!! We did expect more though, she did one song, they could have let her rock out with one of her hits though.
So happy that Nicki Minaj and Rosenberg made up it was really good to see her rep her city! We see you Barbz…
It was a good show but because it was their 20th Anniversary we feel like they dropped the ball just a tad bit. We were expecting Hot 97 to make history, if only they could get Nicki, Kim and Foxy on the same stage that would have been dope! or ASAP Rocky bringing out Rakim. Even Rick Ross and Jeezy performing together would have been hot!
Check out some more pics!
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Until next year guys!

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