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Nicki Minaj…Roseland Ballroom

The line started on 53rd and 8th Street, even though we had hundreds of people in front of us we were determined to wait it out and get into Roseland Ballroom. The crowd was excited to see Nicki  perform, as we heard sounds of the Harajuku Barbie in rehearsal one young girl was so excited she started crying before we even got in the venue! The DJ had that place rocking from the minute we walked in. Infused with a mix of fist pumping and dougie hitting, we were bumping! “Roman’s Revenge” dropped and cell phone lights could be seen all throughout the audience, waiting for any glimpse of a blonde wig and a pink pump. Nicki graced the stage at 9:28PM and the crowd went wild! Onika Miraj gave us 200% that night, which I wasn’t expecting since it was a free show. She gave us Mixtape Nicki, Pop Nicki, Rockstar Nicki…it was just a FANTASTIC show! On top of that she gave us special guest ... Camron, Foxy Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne. That’s one concert crossed off my bucket list! Check out the pics and video footage!

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