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"Glam Fav"' Glamaholic Lifestyle

Hey Beauties,

I just wanted to share with you, one of my favorite websites right now Confessions of a Glamaholic. I love this site because it's so girly and it features outfit ideas, cosmetics, fashion, hair styles etc. I especially love the the online store Glamaholic Lifestyle. I already have the "Same Girl Different Hair" t-shirt, its perfect because I love changing hairstyles. Kudos to Mia Ray for coming up with that idea and going for it. 

Mia Ray is the Editor & Chief/Owner of both websites and she is what they call a "fashionista" but what I like about her is that she features items you can afford. I'm looking forward to purchasing the cosmetic bag this week, I know they are going to sell out quickly. My next purchase will be Glamaholic Lifestyle Tote because BIG bags are my thing. Unfortunately,  the bag is out of stock because it sold out due to it being a very popular item. Check out the video/links below. ENJOY browsing! 

Here are links:
I'm just a regular girl from Brooklyn sharing my point of view. It's something about networking with real people who tried something; read something that you may want to read; went somewhere that you may want to go based off their experience. It’s not a celebrity getting paid to give their stamp of approval. Its’s a “REAL” person. I also represent for the Curvy Women all around the world... and my darkskin women too. Stay fit & Healthy no matter what size you are! Stick around I'm sure you will find something you like...


KellyMonroe said…
Im waiting on the tote also fingers crossed!
That's My Mama said…
Must check this out :)
Baby Shopaholic said…
Thanks for sharing! Sounds so cute!