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Beautifully Made Up - Nicki Minaj "Stupid" Video

Has anyone seen Nicki Minaj's new video? I don't like the title and chorus at all. I don't think it's ever good for females to degrade each other by using certain terms toward one another, I do fancy like her though I just don't care for this song but that's not the reason I'm writing this post. I ran across her new video on the blogs and it caught my eye because her make up looked fantastic, I caught a few shots (I love my iphone) because I just thought she pulled this look off beautifully. Nicki has the perfect look and personality to pull off colors like this...
Keyshia Dior has a lipstick line out and I wonder if they used her colors for Nicki Minaj's new video. Hmmm! Who knows but if you want this look you can purchase all the collors in these picture these colors at What do you think?

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Thick Threads said…
wow amazing colors! i love the crazy pastel like eyeshadows. so nice. thanks for the info on where to purchase these! :)

Unknown said…
LOVE this video!!! the colours, the nutty concept...the works LOL
Nicki is a beast! love my girl x

I am on the fence if I want to order some of these Koir lipsticks. The colors are so much fun!
Mers Derska said…
She looks great !

e.g : your blog is amazing <3 I'm your new follower

Love Meroda