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Avon Presents... Be a GENEius Day!

I'm so excited! I recieved my ANew Genics Treatment Cream today in the mail courtesy of Avon.  I cannot wait to start using it so I can tell you about my experience with the product. Looking forward to some of the results that they discussed during there live stream earlier this week, younger, smoother skin., even skin tone and more. I'll keep you guys up to date with how the cream is working for me.

I also wanted to let you know that Avon is hosting sweepstakes on its social media channels, challenging followers to #beageneius. Join the movement by following Avon on facebook and twitter. The day also marks Avon’s 125th Anniversary.

Keep scrolling down for more details about this great event, you could win something...

Avon Declares September 15th Be A GENEius DAY!

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to age? Maybe it’s in their genes. With the launch of its newest scientific innovation ANEW Genics, Avon is giving women the power to look up to 10 years younger*. In celebration of this ground-breaking discovery, Avon names September 15, 2011 Be A GENEius Day. Avon scientists partnered with Italian researchers to discover a link between the “Youth Gene" and the skin. In honor of this revolutionary product,

For ONE day only, on Be A GENEius Day (September 15th), Avon is swarming the internet with a BE A GENEius Re-Tweet campaign. Simply re-tweet the hashtag #beagenius along with the phrase “I’m a GENEius because….” for an opportunity to win ANEW Genics Treatment Cream for you and your friends! Make sure to include the hashtag #beagenius in all re-tweets! 

You can enter sweepstakes from September 6 – October 5 at AvonProductsInc Facebook page for a chance to win “smart prizes.” For 30 days, a Daily Winner will receive a full size product of ANEW Genics Treatment Cream. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a full size ANEW Genics Treatment Cream, a 16GB Apple iPad and Apple iPhone with a total value of $686! Now, that’s smart thinking!

Be sure to follow Avon on Twitter:@AvonInsider #BEaGENEius and on Facebook: @AvonProductsInc
I hope you win!!!!
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Longuette said…
my previous boss used to work for Avon Italy. He mentioned many times how good their facecreams are.
I did not know about this in particular but I'll give it a try!!!
thanks for sharing :-)

♥ Ylenia
from longuette
Churece Nichol said…
Let me know how it works. How did u order it u know someone who sells Avon