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Cacique Runway Glam Bra Giveaway

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So I need your HELP!! Lane Bryant has an exclusive Limited addition Bra that I gotta have and the only way I can get one is if my adorable readers vote for me as your favorite blogger. There is something in it for you too IF and only IF I win. One of you could win a $100 shopping gift card courtesy of Lane Bryant.

Okay! Let me tell you why I need this bra in my life... Red is my favorite color and this bra is a Red Cacique satin plunge bra hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals. The estimated value of this bra is $650 and only 31 of these bras will be created and is available in selected stores.

All you have to do is Click here to take survey, select Mrsjarette and we both are on our way to winning a great prize from Lane Bryant.

Here is a sneak peek of what the bra looks like... It's Gorgeous!!

Oh!! and don't forget Lane Bryant is having a fabulous sale right now on bra's check out the commercial below dont miss out...
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Anonymous said…
Voted for you! Your names the same as my fiance! What a coincidence!

Good luck!

I invite you to come along to my blog and enter my Orient Watches giveaway!!

-Shanny "Empress"
mrsjarette said…
I always think that I'm the only one with the name Jarette ... Thanks for voting for me Missy...
Hey doll,thanks for visiting my blog & commenting!*
Great blog you have here,love the curvacious beauties!*