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Shecky's 2011 Girls Night Out... Girl Power!

Friday I went to Shecky's Girls Night Out and I had a blast! This was the best Shecky's event that I attended by far. The venue was huge, lines weren't long, there was shuttle service to and from the train station, coat check was very organized, the DJ played good music and most importantly there was easy access to get drinks at the bar! The vibe was great you could see that everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. There was so many great vendors to choose from and so many great giveaways. The Maybelline station was definitely the hot spot of the the night, the line never got short, everyone wanted to find out their FIT color. My girlfriends were very impressed with the event, they had never been to a sheckys event before and I'm so happy that they they came because they had a good time and they are looking forward to going back. We all were excited to see what was in our goodie bags I can't believe I was able to hold out until I got home. Thanks to Sheckys for hooking me up with a pass to attend this years event. Check out some of the pictures I took and a few things I bought.

I brought 2 eyeliners from them they are great!
The Bar

Venus Spa provided a Demo of there products our hands felt wonderful after the demontration.
We had to buy the products.
They had the cutest under garments, SOLD!!! I had to buy.
Everything in my Goodie Bag...

Coat Check - Very organized and Quick
Tanya & Capricia First Timers they loved it!
Maybelline Station
Churece, Tanya, Jarette & Capricia
We had a good time!
Some girlfriends I ran into... (first timers)
Churece (Shecky's Veteran)
Janaan & Bunny having a good time at the Mamma Mia Table
Love these earrings... I can't wait to where them.
This product Smells soooo good and it's unisex this body scrub & Shea Butter is called Man.
Gotta get my OMG points!

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