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Days Left to go calendar!

I been searching all around the web to find MTV's I USED TO BE FAT calendar but it was no where to be found. I decided to make one up myself. I have my own journey that I'm trying to conquer and wanted to share this with those who are serious and just need a little something to help them to stay motivated and remind them of there goals. If you want the larger calendar you can go to or email in your neighborhood and they can make it larger for you.

Print your personal calendar here... or email me at and I will send you the word format or PDF format.


I'm just a regular girl from Brooklyn sharing my point of view. It's something about networking with real people who tried something; read something that you may want to read; went somewhere that you may want to go based off their experience. It’s not a celebrity getting paid to give their stamp of approval. Its’s a “REAL” person. I also represent for the Curvy Women all around the world... and my darkskin women too. Stay fit & Healthy no matter what size you are! Stick around I'm sure you will find something you like...