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mtv's I used to be fat!!!

I am loving this new show! The transformations are amazing... My favorite so far is Makenzie's story. She is a beautiful girl with no willpower or motivation. Her father wants her to lose weight to eventually find love and get married, her brothers pick on by calling her names but they all do nothing to really help her follow through with her goal of losing weight. Throughout the show Makenzie complained several times about how hard the process of losing weight was and you can see that she wanted to quit. The ultimate goal was to lose 100 pounds in 100 days. She fought through it and her family finally gave in by joining her during the workouts, you can see how happy she was and that gave her the final push she needed to finish. Overall, she lost 75 pounds during the 100 days and she kept up that routine for 3 more months on her own and she lost another 25 pounds. If you want to catch up on the episodes you didnt see CLICK HERE!

Here are some pictures of Makenzie's transformation.

Makenzie at her high school graduation.Makenzie's first workout with Mike proves trying.After the summer, Makenzie continues to exercise on her own.Makenzie reached her goal of getting out of the 200s and lost 75 lbs.
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