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Brooklyn Welcome's Loveys!

Tionna Smalls is the relationship expert from the VH1 show "What Chilli Wants." She's is a Brooklyn native doing BIG things for herself and I must say that I'm proud to see someone from my neighborhood (East New York) make such a big COME UP!!
Tionna has been Tweeting and talking to her many fans on face book about her desire to open a Accessories Boutique in Brooklyn for some time now. She may not remember me but I ran into Tionna in Brooklyn at a local Chinese restaurant before the 1st season of her reality showed aired on VH1.  I had on a ring that she liked and she told me she would someday open up her own store. She also told me and the restaurant owner to be on the look out for her show airing on VH1.  Well... I guess dreams do come true! Loveys opened its doors for the first time in December 2010. Tionna described the store saying that "Loveys will be the new paradise for women who are looking to add a little bit more diva or flair to their style. We sell jewelry, handbags, wallets, cosmetics, and many more items."

Make sure you support our local native and shop, shop, shop!

Loveys is located in Brooklyn
377 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
between Hancock Street and Jefferson Avenue

If opening the store wasn't enough, her book "Girl Get Your Mind Right" released January 4th. Look out for it at your local bookstores, Barnes & Nobles, Borders etc. You can also look out for Tionna on the 2nd Season of "What Chilli Wants" it already started but its only one episode in you can catch up. Loving her new look too. Check out the trailer here! Click me...

I'm just a regular girl from Brooklyn sharing my point of view. It's something about networking with real people who tried something; read something that you may want to read; went somewhere that you may want to go based off their experience. It’s not a celebrity getting paid to give their stamp of approval. Its’s a “REAL” person. I also represent for the Curvy Women all around the world... and my darkskin women too. Stay fit & Healthy no matter what size you are! Stick around I'm sure you will find something you like...