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Dark skin, nail color, neon pink?

So I decided to try a bright neon pink color today. Yes! Neon... I thought dark skin girls couldn't get away with these colors but I was wrong they actually complement our skin.... It looks great! Very vibrant fun and girly. Sidenote: Even if it's something inexpensive like, taking a bath, your own home facial or getting your nails done, take time out for yourself and enjoy just be a girl/women!
I'm just a regular girl from Brooklyn sharing my point of view. It's something about networking with real people who tried something; read something that you may want to read; went somewhere that you may want to go based off their experience. It’s not a celebrity getting paid to give their stamp of approval. Its’s a “REAL” person. I also represent for the Curvy Women all around the world... and my darkskin women too. Stay fit & Healthy no matter what size you are! Stick around I'm sure you will find something you like...