Was she wrong?

So today a young lady started to talk to me about her relationship out of the blue. I don't know what it is but people just talk to me sometimes. Anyway, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend deleted her from facebook because she sent a male friend of hers a text just to talk. Now she mentioned that he speaks to his female friends over facebook but he's flipping over this text... And shes not sure if he may want to break up with her. Do you think men have a double standard? If your in relationship should you have male friends to talk to? Was she she wrong?


Gabrielle Marie said...

I personally think when you're in a relationship you should never contact another person of the opposite sex "just to talk". That's what your mate is for. However, he was wrong also because he has a double standard. Facebook, Twitter, and texting are all the same thing; all forms of written communcation. They're just simply different ways of doing it but its all the same. So he is just as bad as her. He's being hypocritical. You can ask someone to stop doing something when you're doing the very same thing. Practice what you teach!

NikkiReese said...

I think that he was TOTALLY wrong. How are u gonna get mad at her for doing something that he is doing himself. It really urks me how a dude can talk to/sleep with multiple females and he is "the man" but if a female does it she called all kinds of disgusting names like smut or hoe and labeled the type of girl that u can't make "wifey". Being a hoe should not be gender specific cause dudes are hoes too. We need to stop this double standard crap cause its stupid.

As for having friends when u are committed relationship/married... I think u can have friends but there needs to boundaries. U should not be talking to or spending time with them on a regular basis cause that disrespectful to your mate.

NikkiReese said...

I think if u have a friend that u have known for years u should speak to them "once in a blue moon" meaning not often and I agree u should never discuss with issues that u may be having in ur relationship cause those things should be strictly discussed with ur mate and them only.

mrsjarette said...

I think that you must have boundries when your in a relationship. when your comitted you can't just do what you want. You always have to consider the other persons feelings and you have to put yourself in their shoes and ask "How would I feel about this?". I do think men have a double standard but when that happens you have to talk to your mate and set some ground rules. Communication is the KEY if you don't have that your relationship is LOST!

mclovin said...

I think that both party's are wrong there should be nah of that like I know of a relationship that got killed over that its not pretty!!! Like when stuff like that happen something is wrong in the relationship.

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